Thinking about going to that concert party…

So my friend asked me to attend Sonic Carnival 2014, a rave concert party with some other friends this December, and I’m like,


Seriously. I think Philippines can’t get enough of this kind of concerts lately. Not that I see anything wrong with it, it’s just suddenly, it’s all the rage (Or maybe I’m just not updated.. O.o). This year alone, many big shot DJs have held concerts here in Manila like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Alesso, Helena, and AXWELL /\ INGROSSO  among others. As I have yet to experience this rave concert party (or rave party concert..? O.o sorry, I don’t how to exactly call it.. haha) for myself, I’m sorry but I couldn’t share any concert experience here (well, at least not yet). 😉

Maybe I should go… and find out for myself what makes this sort of event such a hit.

Do you have some rave party concert moments to share? 🙂


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