Sonic Carnival 2014 Experience of a Newbie Raver

Last week, December 12, I had a taste first-hand of what people call Rave Party Concerts. As someone who’s not that familiar about house music and only know some mainstream DJs like, Avicii, Zedd and Afrojack, I was basically clueless about the guest DJs and their music when I attended the Sonic Carnival. I was a blank slate. But good thing I have friends who are more in-the-know. 😉

The concert was pretty much an eye-opener. All I knew before were rock, pop and even gospel concerts. It was definitely awesome dancing the night away to great song remixes and I noticed that there were almost no pauses in between acts. The event started out with local DJs, followed by the international DJs later in the evening.






When we got there, it was already Vicetone’s turn to rock Mall Of Asia concert grounds. I really loved their remixes. Next was Blasterjaxx followed by Nervo. I fell in love with Nervo!! They just looked so classy while mixing and when they played their remix of Coldplay’s “A Sky Full Of Stars”, the crowd’s energy went to a whole new level.

The food and drinks were surprisingly more affordable. However, the activity areas were not as easily acccessible as we would have thought. But overall, it wasn’t a bad rave concert experience for a newbie raver like me. 🙂

From this point on, I’ll totally watch out for more opportunities to rave 😉


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