A Week Of Seoul Searching

And to round up our Seoul Searching tour, in our last days, we went to Namsangol Hanok Village, DMZ (which took us close to the Korean border!) and Everland. 🙂

Although we were a bit rushed in our DMZ trip, it was very enjoyable and educational, and the fact that we came as close as 170m from the North Korean border by entering the 3rd tunnel made it all worthwhile. The 3rd tunnel was supposed to be a passageway where the North Koreans can invade South Korea and it was the 3rd (thus the name, “3rd tunnel”) tunnel discovered by the South Korean military among many others that the North Korean military dug up as an underground means of attacking South directly at Seoul city. This historical trip is definitely an unforgettable moment and another “Achievement Unlocked”! 😉 In addition, one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in our DMZ tour was seeing the Dorasan station, which in time can make it possible to go to Europe from Korea by train!

Aside from the amazing places we’ve set foot on, this Seoul Searching became even more special because of the friendly people we met along the way. 🙂


In case you’re wondering where we stayed at, this is at Namsan Guesthouse 4 near Myeongdong station. I recommend this guesthouse to anyone who is on a budget travel to Seoul and looking for an affordable accommodation. This is best if you’ll be checking in as a group because they allow 3 persons at most to occupy a single room (and the charge is still the same) so you can divide the overall cost, thus saving more money! And they have NO RESERVATION FEES. 🙂 Click here to check it out.

Overall, our Korea getaway was undoubtedly fulfilling, we definitely had a blast, ate good (and spicy!) food, met people from other countries, and most importantly, satisfied our wanderlust. All in 1 week!

Let me end this post with a picture of me standing next to a Lee Min Ho ad :p

It's LEE MIN HO!! :3
It’s LEE MIN HO!! :3

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