A day of mourning for OPM fans: Kamikazee bids farewell

I could remember during my high school days when OPM (stands for Orginal Pilipino/Pinoy Music) bands were at its highest peak, long before the advent of Kpop (disclaimer: I’m no hater) and the outburst of other pop acts. My classmates and I would jam to our favorite OPM songs, and Kamikazee is definitely one of those bands that I can say made my high school memories even more nostalgic and inspired many of my peers to pick up a guitar.

Kamikazee, composed of Jay Contreras, Jomal Linao, Led Tuyay, Puto Astete and Bords Burdeos, debuted with their first album in 2002, but it wasn’t until the release of their rock anthem hit Narda last 2006 from their second album, Maharot, that the band achieved mainstream success. Not long after that, they had an immediate following and their fan base grew even more with the release of their other hits like Chicksilog, Director’s Cut, Unang Tikim and Huling Sayaw.

These guys are known for their high energy performances and wacky personalities, while at the same time, not failing to deliver some solid rock music.

Here’s what they posted in their official Facebook page as a goodbye message to their fans:

According to them, their disbandment was a mutual decision and that each member wanted to explore life outside the band which they cited as the reason for their breakup. On a happier note, they dropped hints of a possible reunion in the future. I sure as hell hope that this is just an indefinite hiatus (although the chances are quite slim). T__T

To those who have not heard of them before, you can watch the videos below..

*cries* Goodbye Kamikazee!! We hope to see you reunited again!


Featured image from: http://imgarcade.com


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