7 Songs for the Happy, Struggling, and Hopeful Singles ;)

I shared some of these cool songs.. just because I think Valentine’s Day is not just about couples, but also for those who are searching and waiting for true love. :3

7. Love Song For No One – John Mayer

This one from Mayer’s first album accurately depicts those singles out there who can’t wait to find someone. 🙂

6. Hold My Heart – Sara Bareilles

I consider this song as one of my life’s soundtrack songs. This emotional and powerful piano ballad highlighted Sara’s amazing vocal ability. The song speaks about having a longing for someone who could be right for us.

5. Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me – Hunter Hayes feat. Jason Mraz

This light-hearted acoustic number demonstrates the struggles of a single (especially on Valentine’s!!!) person in a cheerful and funny way.. 😉 I don’t know how they managed to make the song sound so happy.. haha!

4. Perfectly Lonely – John Mayer

Yes, I know. It’s John Mayer. Again. But this song perfectly (no pun intended) fits this list ! But in contrast to Love Song For No One, Perfectly Lonely describes a person who’s just enjoying his singlehood and not rushing love. 🙂

Enjoy this live version played alongside Keith Urban!

3. Someday Soon – Francesca Battistelli

Okay this one is especially for the ladies. 🙂

2. Ain’t No Reason – Brett Dennen

The song talks about believing in the power of love to change us for the better. (or at least that’s the message I think it expresses).

1. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Bublé

Now this is the anthem of the single and hopeful! 😉 The song just makes you feel all fluffy and giddy.. not to mention how cute the video is. Truly, an inspiring music from non-other than Michael Bublé.




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