My Ed Sheeran Multiply Concert Experience — Totally Worth It!

It was a night to remember for all Filipino fans as Ed Sheeran held his much-awaited Multiply Concert in the Mall of Asia Arena last night. I was lucky enough to avail a ticket without hassle. When I got there, it was around 7:30pm, and supposedly, the concert should start at 8:00 but like most concerts here in Manila, whether foreign or local, oftentimes, they start at a later time. So I was there at the entrance outside the building and inside the MoA arena, I could see that there were still lots of people lining up to enter the concert hall itself and some even buying food. Once I got inside the concert hall, the place was already pretty crowded, as expected. I was at row T in the VIP1 section, almost right in the middle, near VIP2. And I’m like, image There were ocassional screams from the audience, but everything went batsh*t crazy when the lights dimmed. The seating arrangement in the VIP section went straight out the window as people ran to the front like bees swarming over honey, with some (including myself.. hahaha) stepping over the chairs just to get a better view (I know it’s shameful, but what can I do?). At first, the security tried to get the situation under control, but when Ed came out, they knew there was no stopping the crowd. So we all ended up standing on the chairs and from row T, I think I went as near as row J or K (just an approximation 😉 ). Ed started out with his song I’m A Mess and went on to play his other songs like Photograph, Tenerife Sea, Bloodstream, Runaway, I See Fire, Don’t, Sing, among other songs from his second album. He also did a short cover of Michael Bublé’s Feelin’ Good and mashed up Iggy Azalea’s Fancy. He also included a handful of songs from his previous album such as The A Team, Lego House and You Need Me, I don’t Need You during his encore performance. He also sang All of the Stars, the OST he provided for the The Fault in our Stars, which according to him was not really part of his lineup of songs.. 20150312_220045

  image Of course, his concert won’t be complete without his Thinking Out Loud performance. All throughout, I kept yelling “Give Me Love!!!” I was really hoping he would play it, even if it was an old song. But when Ed Sheeran said that it was going to be his last song “technically” (he knew there was going to be an encore hahaha), I lost hope.. T___T I thought maybe it’s either Sing or One. However, a few seconds in, I knew my ears aren’t playing tricks. Give Me Love!!!!! (T▽T) I instantly flipped out my smartphone and started recording!!

Just something I wanted to share; I inadvertently captured a glimpse of local celebrity couple Sarah Geronimo (love her :]) and Matteo Guidicelli who were just about 4 feet away in my video. They kind of just slipped in during the concert. I didn’t even notice them passing right in front of me practically because I was fixated on Ed. It wasn’t until I got distracted by a handful of security people passing by our row that it dawned on me that they were assisting Matteo and Sarah to their seats. And hey, they also stood on the chairs!! Hahaha. Other local celebs that I saw were Phil Younghusband and Amy Perez.

Overall, the concert was very enjoyable and it made me love Ed even more. He’s definitely better live. It made me appreciate his other songs that I used to overlook whenever it plays on my iPod. Also, major props to the production people and the live video effects!! The whole ambiance felt like I was just watching a large-scale “street performance” as Ed didn’t have a tour band with him. Moreover, the fans sang along in every song he played. 🙂 It was without a doubt, one of the most memorable concerts I have ever attended. And I think the same also goes for Ed as he was amazed by the warm love from his Filipino fans. 🙂 Saying that the Filipinos are by far his best audience, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be having another Ed Sheeran concert in the future. 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Ed Sheeran Multiply Concert Experience — Totally Worth It!

  1. I also have a VIP row R ticket for The Script’s concert. And I’m planning to run in front when the concert starts. hehe. Mahirap ba pumunta sa harap? When you went to row j or k, can you still see him clearly? like wala bang nakaharang na mga tablets and phones?


    1. Medyo, kasi unahan na talaga yun. Maswerte lang ako kasi napunta ako sa lugar na kahit may nasa harap ko, nakita ko pa din nang malinaw si Ed. Yung sa row K, kapag sa picture mukhang malayo lang pero ang linaw na nung view ko kay Ed.

      About sa smartphones and tablets, may times talaga na mahaharangan ka kasi lahat gustong kumuha ng picture at video. Nung nandun ako, may nasa harap ko na taas nang taas ng kamay. Tamang diskarte lang talaga para ma-enjoy mo yung concert 😉

      At bawal din pala magdala ng selfie stick dun, although yung sa akin nakalusot sa security, di ko na lang din ginamit kasi bukod sa makaka-block lang din sa iba, lalo lang ako mahihirapan kumuha ng pics kasi masikip na yung space.

      Have fun sa concert ng The Script!! 🙂 Gusto ko din sana pumunta dun pero mas priority ko si Ed e. (^_^)


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