Mayer Made My Day… Again!

Three days ago, John Mayer tweeted about his return to the studio again this coming January. (Woohoo!!)

And for someone like me who loved his Continuum album the most out of all his other (stellar) albums, I am more than excited for this! Hopefully he’ll have a collaboration with Pino and Steve (from John Mayer Trio) again.

But before he goes back to the studio, he’ll be on a winter tour with Grateful Dead as Dead & Company! Tour dates can be viewed on their official website.


Featured image via Consequence of Sound


This Fan-made Documentary of John Mayer Is Everything

I recently stumbled upon this video while browsing John Mayer live performance clips. Bless your heart Mr. Eastwood Allen for your topnotch video editing skills and your efforts in producing this masterpiece! Kudos!

John Mayer: Someday I’ll Fly chronicles the musical evolution of one of the most influential solo artists of his generation. Featuring rare demos, interviews and live performances; it is told in it’s entirety from Mayer’s perspective.
Explore the full story and creative process of acclaimed, Grammy Award winning, guitarist and singer-songwriter John Mayer. ”
– video description via Eastwood Allen Youtube Channel


It’s Music Day at Hongdae!

When South Korea music comes into mind, most people could almost only think of one word; K-POP (Korean Pop). So during my last trip to Seoul, as an aspiring music traveler, I wanted to get a taste of the other kind of music that South Korea has to offer. And I’m not talking about other K-pop groups, but about 100% LEGIT show bands (not that I have anything against the mainstream Korean pop bands). And to me, there’s no better place to find music in Seoul than in Hongdae.

Hongdae is an area around Seoul’s Hongik University. It is a cultural melting pot where you can find various shop finds, art exhibitions as well as a bustling nightlife. So if you’re the party goer type, then Hongdae is for you. What’s even more interesting is that they have these “Club Day” and “Music Day” events going on periodically throughout the year.

Among the places that you can visit in Hongdae is the Hello Kitty Cafe, Coffee Prince Cafe, and the Trickeye and Ice Museum. But the most memorable highlight of this place are the street performances that you can enjoy as you frolick around.

One notable performance that I’ve seen during my visit to Korea last month is from a band by the name of Soundbox (Learn more about them here!). They held a street performance in the Hongik Children’s Park. Among the songs they played was their own spin of Hanson’s hit “Mmmbop”.

There were also street dancers all over the area doing performances as well as other bands playing different genres of music. So if you’re in Seoul and you’re craving some indie music and art, then Hongdae is the place to be.

Updated: 12/27/2014