Why have I not heard of the Farro brothers until now?!

Recently, one of the Farro brothers, Josh, released their first music video under the band name, “Farro” (guess they ran out of band names.. lol). I wondered what kind of sound it would be knowing the two brothers who left Paramore both did punk rock. Well I was half-expecting that it would somehow be rockish.

But thank goodness it was not as I expected. Farro’s music style is not even close to what Josh Farro had done with Paramore, and to hear him singing in this track is another bonus. I’ve learned that Josh is not particularly fond of singing, but I personally think that he could use this hidden talent a bit more. He has a lot of room for improvement in the vocal department based on his latest single with Farro, but other than that, his singing ability was better than I imagined. Check out their music video below:

What’s even more surprising to me is Zac’s band, HalfNoise. And he’s the VOCALIST. . OMG. They released some videos a couple of months before, but it wasn’t until a while ago that I saw it. Upon hearing it, Coldplay instantly came into my mind. It definitely screams INDIE.

I just love how they all look so passionate in this video.

While I’m very sad that they’re no longer with Paramore, at least now they get to express their artistry in their own ways.