It’s a Williams/Williams Collaboration

This song made me think of checking out Paramore’s latest music. Since the Farro brothers exited the band, I’ve been pretty skeptic about their music direction. So hearing this news of having their first collaboration with non-other than Joy Williams (previously from the The Civil Wars, and Hayley’s mentor/long-time friend before she became Paramore’s vocalist) for the deluxe version of their self-titled album made me curious about how their music sounds today.

Also, an article by the Rolling Stone┬ácovers some of the story behind the song. ­čÖé

Featured image from Joy Williams Official Facebook page

6 Women That I Consider My Music Heroes

All of us music enthusiasts have our own personal music heroes (I know you do). And here I would like to just list my women music heroes (of course I have others :P), because I would just love to share them to you, especially for those who don’t know them yet.

Just a little disclaimer: A lot of video links ahead. ­čśë

6. Armi Millare

Known as the vocalist and keyboardist of the Filipino band Up Dharma Down, this super talented artist captured music fans with her unique voice quality and artistry. Some of their┬ámost famous songs are “Oo”, ┬á“Tadhana” and “Luna”. ┬áThe band categorized their music as electronic, experimental and post rock. Check out some of their music below.

5. Kitchie Nadal

Formerly, she was the vocalist of the Filipino band, Mojofly. But it was her solo┬áhit song, “Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin”, which became the most played song in the Philippines last 2009, that really launched her music career. She also had other hits like “Bulong” and “Same Ground“. Then last 2013, she released her latest album “Malaya”.┬á

This first song has that pop ballad feel to me,

while this one is more like a folk, indie sound.

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