Unleash your Inner Katniss and Hawkeye in this Archery Range!

If you’re looking for a place to try out some archer moves, there is one that can be easily accessed in the heart of Metro Manila.

The Gandiva Archery Range is an indoor facility catering to archery enthusiasts with their spacious yet very accessible location. For 980php, you can make use of the equipment and practice with assistance from their staff within an hour. I initially thought an hour for almost a thousand pesos is too expensive, but I’ve come to learn that in reality, an hour is quite a long time when doing archery! Or maybe it’s just me ’cause I’m a novice. Haha!

Other Archers

Bows and Arrows

You can choose from any of the available bows, and they have quite a variety of them! For beginners like me, it is recommended to use the smaller ones since they’re easier to handle.

Trying to get a firm grip of the bow can be a little overwhelming at first, but thanks to the friendly staff who are patient enough to teach me the ropes in basic archery, it wasn’t long before I was able to land some decent shots at the target face. Moreover, my timing was great because when I was there, there were only 3 of us practicing so the staff were able to attend to any of our needs right away.

Looking good. ;)
Looking good. 😉
Bull's Eye!
I got a bull’s eye! Beginner’s luck perhaps? :p

After a couple of rounds, my arms, especially the right one, has started to feel strained. So since then, every after 5 or 6 shots I would rest for a few minutes before going at it again. By the end of the session, well, you can say that my arms and shoulders were totally beat. But it was worth it! Also, you can take home the target face as a souvenir!

Not bad for a first try!
Not bad for a first try!

Check out the Gandiva Archery Range located at this address:
Unit 703-705 One Corporate Center Julia Vargas corner Meralco Aves. Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines

For more info., be sure to check out their website. Here is the link: Official Website

So if you want to become a master archer like Katniss from The Hunger Games or Hawkeye from The Avengers, you can start practicing at Gandiva! 😉

Gandiva Banner

ONE OK ROCK to embark on an Asian Tour this 2016



It is ACTUALLY HAPPENING. Just when I thought ONE OK ROCK has performed in every country except mine, they released this! Moreover, I’m pleasantly surprised to know that they have a lot of fans in the Philippines! I’m guessing they knew about the band from the Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie series (which I think appealed many, whether they read the manga/watched the anime or not). It’s great that the Filipinos are now more open to Japanese acts, compared to before when only anime fans liked jpop/jrock. Although ONE OK ROCK’s songs are mostly in English now (with a mix of Japanese), to me, they still have that jrock vibe to them. And that’s what makes them awesome! Not to mention their high energy performances!

I can’t wait to see them next year! 🙂

My Ed Sheeran Multiply Concert Experience — Totally Worth It!

It was a night to remember for all Filipino fans as Ed Sheeran held his much-awaited Multiply Concert in the Mall of Asia Arena last night. I was lucky enough to avail a ticket without hassle. When I got there, it was around 7:30pm, and supposedly, the concert should start at 8:00 but like most concerts here in Manila, whether foreign or local, oftentimes, they start at a later time. So I was there at the entrance outside the building and inside the MoA arena, I could see that there were still lots of people lining up to enter the concert hall itself and some even buying food. Once I got inside the concert hall, the place was already pretty crowded, as expected. I was at row T in the VIP1 section, almost right in the middle, near VIP2. And I’m like, image There were ocassional screams from the audience, but everything went batsh*t crazy when the lights dimmed. The seating arrangement in the VIP section went straight out the window as people ran to the front like bees swarming over honey, with some (including myself.. hahaha) stepping over the chairs just to get a better view (I know it’s shameful, but what can I do?). At first, the security tried to get the situation under control, but when Ed came out, they knew there was no stopping the crowd. So we all ended up standing on the chairs and from row T, I think I went as near as row J or K (just an approximation 😉 ). Ed started out with his song I’m A Mess and went on to play his other songs like Photograph, Tenerife Sea, Bloodstream, Runaway, I See Fire, Don’t, Sing, among other songs from his second album. He also did a short cover of Michael Bublé’s Feelin’ Good and mashed up Iggy Azalea’s Fancy. He also included a handful of songs from his previous album such as The A Team, Lego House and You Need Me, I don’t Need You during his encore performance. He also sang All of the Stars, the OST he provided for the The Fault in our Stars, which according to him was not really part of his lineup of songs.. 20150312_220045

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Did I Just See HALE In The Line-up for Wanderland??!

Hale is back!
Hale is back!


In my previous post, I was all sad because of Kamikazee’s separation, but as one group disbanded, another reunited!!! Hale is together again! And they’re one of the artists who’ll be performing in the anticipated Wanderland Music & Arts Festival this April 25.

The Filipino alternative rock band is known for their songs such as “Broken Sonnet”, “The Day You Said Goodnight”, “Kahit Pa”, “Kung Wala Ka”, “Blue Sky”, “Shooting Star”and “Leap Of Faith”.

Their first single since their reunion, “See You”, debuted last January 27. Check their lyric video below.

Aside from Hale, Kid Cudi will also perform in Wanderland Music & Arts festival as the head line act, along with various local and international indie artists. This year will be the third running of the said festival.

Early bird tickets are now available at SM Tickets.

It’s One Foreign Act After Another in the Philippines

2015 would not definitely not fall short of international music acts coming to the Philippines.

Here’s a couple of international artists who’ll be performing:

1. Michael Bublé

The multi-awarded Jazz artist will be performing in Manila this January 31st!! 🙂 I wanted to go but it’s too expensive… T___T
Don’t worry Michael, I’ll get rich first and then I’ll watch your concert… hopefully… someday…. (>.<)

Click here for Concert details.

2. The Vamps

The Vamps will be performing for the first time in Manila this year.
The Vamps will be performing for the first time in Manila this year.

Surely, many teenage fangirls are soooo excited this February.


WHAAAAATTT??! Even T-Pain is coming over?!  I’m not sure if this is his first time, but Philippines is getting tons of international artists doing concerts over here, I couldn’t keep up with all of it. :O

4. Boyce Avenue

Boyce Avenue
Boyce Avenue

Okay, I know them because they’re very popular in Youtube and do a lot cover songs, but I happen to have a copy of their first original album 😉 They’ll be spending Valentine’s Day here in Manila and on the next day they’ll be in Davao City for another performance.

5. Ed Sheeran

Image taken from SM Tickets Website
Image taken from SM Tickets Website

Oh yeaaaa. My favorite ginger will finally have a concert in Manila!! If you’ve seen my previous post, I mentioned that this dude’s concert tickets were sold it in less than a day (more like 2 or 3 hours to be exact)! He’s included in my artist bucket list… and now, I’ll be seeing him in a few months!! 🙂