Sonic Carnival 2014 Experience of a Newbie Raver

Last week, December 12, I had a taste first-hand of what people call Rave Party Concerts. As someone who’s not that familiar about house music and only know some mainstream DJs like, Avicii, Zedd and Afrojack, I was basically clueless about the guest DJs and their music when I attended the Sonic Carnival. I was a blank slate. But good thing I have friends who are more in-the-know. 😉

The concert was pretty much an eye-opener. All I knew before were rock, pop and even gospel concerts. It was definitely awesome dancing the night away to great song remixes and I noticed that there were almost no pauses in between acts. The event started out with local DJs, followed by the international DJs later in the evening.


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Guess who got a ticket to Ed Sheeran Manila 2015 Concert…. ;)

Finally I had the time to claim my ticket for the Ed Sheeran Multiply Tour in Manila.

VIP. Oh yeah. >:)
VIP. Oh yeah. >:)

I know it’s still a long way off, but just the sight of this ticket gets me excited!! To all the other Ed Sheeran concertgoers, see you when I see you! ^_^

Thinking about going to that concert party…

So my friend asked me to attend Sonic Carnival 2014, a rave concert party with some other friends this December, and I’m like,


Seriously. I think Philippines can’t get enough of this kind of concerts lately. Not that I see anything wrong with it, it’s just suddenly, it’s all the rage (Or maybe I’m just not updated.. O.o). This year alone, many big shot DJs have held concerts here in Manila like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack, Alesso, Helena, and AXWELL /\ INGROSSO  among others. As I have yet to experience this rave concert party (or rave party concert..? O.o sorry, I don’t how to exactly call it.. haha) for myself, I’m sorry but I couldn’t share any concert experience here (well, at least not yet). 😉

Maybe I should go… and find out for myself what makes this sort of event such a hit.

Do you have some rave party concert moments to share? 🙂


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Ed Sheeran 2015 Manila Concert Tickets SOLD OUT in less than a day

For many months since SM’s announcement of a 2015 Ed Sheeran concert, Filipino fans have been anxiously waiting for the day of the ticket-selling, which was Oct. 9. With the prices surprisingly more affordable (in my opinion) than expected, I got more excited as the day of the ticket-selling approaches. I myself, for the last weeks, have been constantly checking SM’s website for any updates, even stalking their Facebook page and viewing other ticket-selling websites to see if there are any news about the upcoming event. Ed is one of the people in my “artist bucket list” (~‾⌣‾)~ and so I was aiming to buy the VIP ticket which costs around 8,500PHP.

OCT. 9 – The ticket-selling day. It was a Thursday and unfortunately I can’t afford to miss work so buying the ticket online was my only option. As early as 8:30am I persistently (yep, and by that, I mean my browser’s refresh button seriously got raped that day, hahaha), checked the website through my mobile phone every 5 minutes or so. At around 9am, I called the SM tickets hotline to verify if they were going to sell the tickets that day as they did not post any teaser of some sort the day before. It was my first time buying tickets from SM online, and because of that, my inner OC was really acting up, haha. (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ

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